The Deanship of Community Services and Continuing Learning

The deanship of community services and continuing learning represents a liaison between Najran University and organizations as well as community members. The deanship identifies their aspiration and future needs in order to apply them to training programs which are scientifically formulated by different departments of the university colleges.

The deanship was founded at the university in 2007. It was a new gate for the university to look at the big community to set up a link with it through services which are honestly presented by the university. It aims at enabling the community members along with institutions to benefit from the university services by different means. The deanship assures that serving the community is one of the most important basic jobs of the university which the deanship concerns about to fulfill the need of society.

The training needs are formulated in a plan which covers many training courses and programs in different fields. The plan doesn't neglect other activities such as symposia and cultural programs which contributed with different authorities in national occasions.